What blogging for 1 month did with my website traffic.

As an experiment and an outlet I started blogging during the Dutch Covid lockdown. Blogging and writing wasn't really my thing but I have to say, after 10+ blogs I'm starting to get the hang of it. It motivates me when I see someone reads a blog, it literally makes my heart jump!

But we're not here to talk about my feelings about blogging, we're here for cold hard statistics. Because Wow! did people visit my website! I am not a marketeer, not a Tech-girl and not a website builder so every new person visiting my website is exciting to me.

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So what can I tell you? As you can see in the graph below the few months before I started blogging there wasn't too much traffic on my website. I wasn't consistent with adding new valuable information and let this website be. However once I started blogging I've gained 500 unique visitors in 30 days! I wasn't expecting many visitors from google search (4 people found me on google in the last month), that might take a few months but as you can see in the graph below, the amount of unique visitors since I started blogging is amazing!

It's amazing to see that people are reading the blogs and even some that are curious about who I am. However I had secretly hoped people would be curious about my work. Good to know though, I'm going to implement a few new things to see if I can create more curiosity. After all, besides creating an open environment about photography, I would love it if the work I am passionate about gets seen by other people.

The 3rd graph here is showing you what devices have been visiting my website and how long they spent on it. Desktop users have definitely been cruising on my blogs way longer than mobile device users. And desktop users have been reading more blogs!

Other happy statistics:

Want to start blogging? Here are 2 things I've found helpful:

  1. Make sure you connect Google Analytics to your website, it's amazing what information you can receive by analysing your analytics!

  2. Every blog with a digit in the subject line (3 ways to... / 4 apps I use...) was read more than any other blog. I don't like to admit it but I think it's helping.

I am no pro yet but I will keep sharing my insights with you and hopefully can one day write a blog about how to write a blog ;)

I might change a thing or two but I am a happy Franny. I never thought I'd enjoy writing this much. To learn something new in Covid days can never hurt :)

With an added three weeks, our lockdown is still in full bloom... and I will continue blogging once a week and hope to inspire you and your business with some of my thoughts and workflow tactics.

Small businesses all the way!


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