What blogging for 1 month did with my website traffic.

As an experiment and an outlet I started blogging during the Dutch Covid lockdown. Blogging and writing wasn't really my thing but I have to say, after 10+ blogs I'm starting to get the hang of it. It motivates me when I see someone reads a blog, it literally makes my heart jump!

But we're not here to talk about my feelings about blogging, we're here for cold hard statistics. Because Wow! did people visit my website! I am not a marketeer, not a Tech-girl and not a website builder so every new person visiting my website is exciting to me.

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So what can I tell you? As you can see in the graph below the few months before I started blogging there wasn't too much traffic on my website. I wasn't consistent with adding new valuable information and let this website be. However once I started blogging I've gained 500 unique visitors in 30 days! I wasn't expecting many visitors from google