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This blog is written with help of my accountability buddies Holly (@hollykleinoonk) and Dorieke (@nollaphotography).

Sometimes we just need a ''kick in the butt''. Some people are allergic to this saying but in Covid times it's something a lot of people struggle with. Especially if you're an entrepreneur and life's not always working with you.

Not so productive with Hamster Wilma (@hamster.wilma)

A month ago I asked my friends if they could give me the said ''kick in the butt'' and since then I've been way more productive. They gave me some very valuable tips, one of them being: ''Get an accountability buddy''. I never heard of the term and Isis (@isissturtewagen) explained: ''This is a buddy you will WhatsApp daily and share your to-do list with, during the day you will talk to each other and see how they're getting along''. I was all ears and started 2 accountability What'sApp groups. One of them is a bit inactive and the other one is in full bloom. So I will share with you my findings and tips on how to start an accountability group to improve your productivity!

How big should your accountability group be?

Where you might think one buddy would be enough I find having a group with 3 people is ideal. With a group of 3 you always know what's going on in each others life, know what they're up to and what tasks they have for the day. A group bigger than four would be too big, there'd be too much input, too many messages in a day and a lot to remember if you want to stay interested in each other.

In short the pro's of having 3 people in a group:

  • There's always one person initiating the daily conversation and tasks

  • When you're busy or not too motivated, the other two can still be in touch with each other and unconsciously motivate you too.

  • You know what everyone is up to and struggling with

How do you start one?

Let people know you want one! There's has been quite a few people asking me about accountability groups and how I started one. Well, after my Instagram story Holly messaged me and after a few days of keeping each other posted we started a WhatsApp group and added Dorieke in there. So my tip: Start talking about it on the social media platform that suits your business and see who might be interested. You don't have to know each other. When you like each others' vibe you're probably gonna do well in an accountability group!


  • Start talking about accountability groups on social media!

  • Check out who's vibe you like

  • Add each other on WhatsApp and get started!

Platforms that might help you find your accountability buddies:

  • Instagram (stories)

  • Facebook groups in your niche (for instance: Female Frames for female photographers)

  • Network groups

Who do you want in?

It's helpful to have people in your accountability group that are in the same profession. This way you understand each others tasks, struggles and you can help each other out and motivate one another. In our experience it has been quite nice to be in a group with people of the same age!

What do you add into the conversation?

We started our conversation by introducing ourselves so we know who we are, what we do. And from then on each day we send each other our to-do list either by text or by voice message. During the day (if we're keen) we keep each other updated. It may sound quite intense but it's actually quite helpful to keep going and stay motivated. Especially when you know the others are working too. Besides this we're vulnerable with our feelings and our thoughts and this helps to get us even further.

What me, Dorieke and Holly talk about daily is:

  • Our to-do list

  • Business ideas, struggles and questions

  • Podcasts

  • Vulnerability

I have to say that Holly and Dorieke are real troopers, they're good in staying in touch and really take the effort to stay interested, motivated, even when I'm not. For me it helps me loaaads and I'm really thankful for this little crew. I'm more motivated to get going during Covid times.

Start your own accountability crew and get your business and work to a new level.

Found this blog interesting? Share it with you friends and colleagues to introduce them to the accountability life!


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