The accountability blog!

This blog is written with help of my accountability buddies Holly (@hollykleinoonk) and Dorieke (@nollaphotography).

Sometimes we just need a ''kick in the butt''. Some people are allergic to this saying but in Covid times it's something a lot of people struggle with. Especially if you're an entrepreneur and life's not always working with you.

Not so productive with Hamster Wilma (@hamster.wilma)

A month ago I asked my friends if they could give me the said ''kick in the butt'' and since then I've been way more productive. They gave me some very valuable tips, one of them being: ''Get an accountability buddy''. I never heard of the term and Isis (@isissturtewagen) explained: ''This is a buddy you will WhatsApp daily and share your to-do list with, during the day you will talk to each other and see how they're getting along''. I was all ears and started 2 accountability What'sApp groups. One of them is a bit inactive and the other one is in full bloom. So I will share with you my findings and tips on how to start an accountability group to improve your productivity!