Photoshoots on dark and rainy days

Christmas isn't looking too sunny or snowy this year. While I'm writing this blog it's raining outside and I can't really be bothered to get outside today. Although I have to say, it's not all that bad, dark and rainy days do have their charm. The outdoors are raw, the elements do their work and you do get the odd surprise sun ray.

So does this weather go hand in hand with photoshoots? Yes!

Bare in mind, the result won't be your ''sunset-style-photoshoot-in-Turkey-with-sgatje(honey)'' but when you embrace the weather, your photos will be stunning!

Wind in your hair, soft light, your surroundings look different to what you're used to.. awesome!

So what could help us to make the best photos?

Clear light sources for moody portraits.

On moody days in the forest it's really easy to find your light source. Look around and have a look what spot gets the light and use this. It will result in nice portraits with darker surroundings, your client will stand out!

Let's take these legends as an example. With the last light of the day the forest was already dark so I made sure T + P were standing on a spot where the light hit the most. And with this you can experiment heaps. Take photos from all angles to see what the light does with your photos and the mood in those photos.

Camera settings

Go a bit higher with your shutter speed than usual or experiment with your ISO. I am a big fan of grain in my photos and when grain would fit the mood I go up with my ISO (usually I won't go over ISO 400 but when my life needs it, I go higher)

Here's another perfect example of a dark and moody day.

Let's take the photo on the left. My struggle was the following: Light source was coming from behind the hills but... I wanted the hills on the photo.. So I made sure that when I took the photo, Emma's face would be visible, that's all I cared about at that point. In post processing this image I lowered the highlights and upped the shadows resulting in this image.

As for the photo on the right, same as I mentioned before, I made sure the last of the daylight hit them from the front so I could use this light as long as possible.

So, befriend dark and rainy days! Plan free-work shoots on those days to experiment with light sources, your camera settings and post processing.

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For now, happy holidays! Enjoy the moody days and christmas lights!