The 4 go-to photography apps on my phone

It's always a mission to be as little on your phone as possible. But when I am it's usually work related. That's why I'm sharing with you my 4 go-to apps which made my life easier.

First up: PhotoTime

This app tells you when the sun sets and rises as well as telling you when the golden hour and the blue hour take place. I use this app to plan photoshoots. This way I know exactly what to expect light wise during my photoshoots and I can plan ahead of time, perfect!

Click here to check the app in the appstore.


You probably have heard of this app before. Unfold has beautiful layouts and templates you can use for you Instagram stories. They look slick and have lots of different styles to choose from, so whatever suits my photos, I'm always able to find a template that goes with it. Click here to check the app in the appstore.

Canon camera connect

Since I use a Canon camera I use the Canon camera connect app. I bet any camera with WiFi will have their own app to connect with on your phone. Honestly, such a good app. I use it as a remote control to take night sky photos and while I'm on the road I use it to edit previews for my clients.

For instance:

I was photographing Arjan and Nicky's wedding in France and I knew I would make them stoked if I'd show them a few photos over dinner. So I connected my camera to my phone, selected a few badass photos, edited them in the Lightroom app and showed them 10 minutes later. And like I hoped: They. Were. Happy. As! It boosted their confidence in me, it boosted my confidence, knowing I'm doing a good job and they showed the photos to their guests with instant joy for everyone! Yay!

Little effort, lot's of happy faces!


Probably the most used app on my phone besides Instagram and WhatsApp. Even though I'm a photographer by trade, my phone has the worst camera.. (soon I hope to upgrade). And to get some feeling into the photo's I take I import them into Adobe Lightroom. I edit them with one of my presets and the photo fits my style 10 times better. Simple snaps become photos you'll want to share with your friends. And like I said before, I import .RAW files into Lightroom for a quick edit to show my clients.

So here you go, my 4 app-homies that make my photography life more fun and easy. Leave a comment below when you have any questions or apps that are convenient to you!

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