How to make your wedding day less stressful pt. 1

Your wedding day will probably be full on. A big day where a lot needs to happen in a short amount of time.

Having been a wedding photographer for over 5 years I've found this tip helped my clients to calm down and enjoy

their day to the fullest!

TIP: Plan multiple photoshoots during the day instead of 1 major one.

Often couples plan a 1,5/2 hour photoshoot at the start of their wedding day which is amazing! You have your first looks and hang out afterwards and go on a little adventure right before you say your I do's! However, why not divide those two hours into 4x20 minute sessions, or 3x30 minute sessions?!

3 good moments to have your photo sessions:

- Start of the day where you will have your first look

- During or right after the reception (reconnect with your partner)