How to make your wedding day less stressful pt. 1

Your wedding day will probably be full on. A big day where a lot needs to happen in a short amount of time.

Having been a wedding photographer for over 5 years I've found this tip helped my clients to calm down and enjoy

their day to the fullest!

TIP: Plan multiple photoshoots during the day instead of 1 major one.

Often couples plan a 1,5/2 hour photoshoot at the start of their wedding day which is amazing! You have your first looks and hang out afterwards and go on a little adventure right before you say your I do's! However, why not divide those two hours into 4x20 minute sessions, or 3x30 minute sessions?!

3 good moments to have your photo sessions:

- Start of the day where you will have your first look

- During or right after the reception (reconnect with your partner)

- Right after dinner (beautiful light!)

Reconnect with your partner during the day!

On your wedding day you will spend a fair amount talking to your guests! Amazing and full on at the same time! However you might want to catch up with your partner and hang out together. Plan a short little photosesh during or right after the reception! This way you get to see your partner again, spend a little time together to reconnect and talk about the day thus far.

Different spots

As your day goes along you will probably change locations. You might start the day of somewhere urban and move to a more natural vibe during the day, amazing playgrounds for your photographer!

Fresh moods

Start the day off excited and nervous during your first photoshoot, reconnect during your second shoot and have a cruisy last photoshoot where you're used to the camera, drink your champagne during sunset and prepare yourself before you head back to your guests to go party!

Different light

Light changes during the day and it's amazing to use it! Have a soft light in the morning, a harsher light during the day where you can play with shadows and sun and end the day with a badass golden hour for warm glowy photos and if you'd hire a photographer like me we'd spend some time in the blue hour for more artsy photos!

Daphne and Reinout had 3 little sessions during their wedding day, starting off with the firstlook sesh, a small sesh right after the group photos and one during blue hour! Such different vibes and light, awesome!

Ofcourse it's all up to you how you plan your day, you might have such a badass spot to have a 2 hour photoshoot you might want to skip any other photoshoots, heck yes! And if not, consider to have multiple small photoshoots, it could make your day that more special and/or relaxed.

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