How I got to photograph destination weddings

Isn't it every photographers dream to travel the globe and photograph weddings and adventures?

I've been lucky enough to do all this and even though everyone's path is different, I'd like to share mine with you. Hopefully it will inspire you to think big and to see it's easier than you might think at first.

Why do you like destination weddings in the first place?

The main reason would be: I - LOVE - EXPLORING, like many of you I'm also addicted to see new places, places you wouldn't go to in any other situation. Get familiar with new cultures, meet local people and see landscapes tourists might skip on their trip. Destination weddings are all of these combined: Cultures, secret backyards, hidden local gems and amazing friendly people. To be amazed by all these new senses makes photography to me even that much more exciting.

And so I thought, a few years back, wouldn't it be next level if I could capture someones wedding abroad! To experience new things and capture them in my style of photography.

My first destination wedding.

My friends Faye and James just got engaged right before I started wwoofing on their farm in New Zealand. At some stage Faye said: ''Wouldn't it be amazing if you could photograph our wedding?'' Where I was like: ''Duhh! That'd be a dream come true!'' But their wedding would take place at a time where I'd already be back in Europe.

- Fast forward to a couple of months later, at this stage I was working in the skifields in Austria-

Faye messaged me saying something in the line of: ''Fran, do you know any photographer that would be keen to capture our wedding, or maybe you if you have time?''

Me: ''Yes, to both!'' I wanted to capture their wedding badly but I also had a job that needed me. So I started to ask my photographer friends if they'd be interested in doing their wedding. So many were keen but due to travel costs it kind of got out of hand. So what'd I do? I took 12 days off of work, flew to New Zealand and captured one of the most beautiful weddings if shot to this date. 50 hr one way travel, jetlags, no regrets.

So what did you do pricing wise?

Because they are my friends and I like a good story, I offered to capture their wedding in return for the flight tickets only. They hosted me, offered me their car and fed me so well and to this date they are promoting me to their friends to an extend that I got to photograph more of their friends weddings.

What do you think has been key to doing destination weddings?

In my experience, letting everyone know you're down to adventures and traveling will help you get there. And sometimes you have to give a little (in my case, photography in return for flight tickets) to get that much more back.

Start small, dream big!

What destination weddings have you captured?

I've had multiple epic weddings in places like Bali, New Zealand, France and Germany. But just to be clear, a wedding in NL is just as good as one abroad! As long as people stay authentic and have a lot of personal touches put into their wedding it will be an honour and a party to photograph.

Curious to see James and Faye's NZ wedding? Together Journal did an amazing piece on it with my photos, click here to see :)

Any questions? Ask them below in the comment section!

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