Struggle: do you always have to show your best work?

As a photographer you do feel the pressure to only show your best work. It probably looks better on your Instagram timeline, you'll get a desirable amount of likes and you'll feel good + proud about your work so, yes! But.. Is your best work actually your best work?

Tastes differ and as a portrait photographer one of the ways I notice this is a few days after I deliver my clients' gallery. They change their profile photo.. and sometimes pick the photo you wouldn't have picked for them. My philosophy? As a photographer you see a new face, a new personality whereas your client sees their face every. single. day. They'll favour different photos than you.

Each photo you take creates a memory for your clients but also for yourself. You know what happened before, during and after you took that photo. So sometimes the end result might not be ''Instagram-Stunning'' but the story you experienced might make that photo extra special.

Yes, a photographer should have the skills to tell a story without any words, however, words can have an impact and keep the memory of the photo alive for much longer.

Last of the daylight at lake Ohau, camping in winter.

So, to understand my Instagram clan a bit better I did a little questionnaire. Note that most of my followers are fellow photographers, friends and clients that booked weddings or family sessions with me.

These are the statements I asked:

I usually read all the Instagram captions:

79% yes - 21% no

@ohrhiisme: ''I read the captions of posts that are saying something that interests me already''

@wander_love_: ''If it's not crazy long, yes!

A photographer should also be a good writer

24% yes - 76% no

@photographedbyanja: ''I think so but I wish it shouldn't''

I search with hashtags to see the posts/photos I want to see

28% yes - 72% no

@leeuwis88: In my opinion visuals are the most important medium to get your story across. This generation might not like reading long pieces of text. [...] If it tells a good story, post it! However, I think there are not too many people who'll always read what you wrote. But you can't expect this from everyone. I think it's important for you to get across what you want and you should stand behind it.

I prefer a good concept over a good photo

44% yes - 56% no

@lukas_kabelka: I don't think there will be easy a ''right answer'' for anything like that. With your wedding photos is (for me) story important because otherwise it’s just photos of Radom people I don’t know so I can’t appreciate them. I can just appreciate your technical and art skill that it looks different than other wedding photos but soon it would be boring for me. So the stories are keeping me attracted to every post. But stories without photos are pointless too. [...] So is it yes? Is it no? I can’t decide. I would tell you to do what makes you happy.


This is up to you. Photography is a form of art and everyone has their own philosophy and way of work. For me, I like to be quite transparant and definitely post photos even though they're sometimes not the best, if they tell the right story, I'm happy.