Couple sessions cheesy? No way! Here's why:

We all deserve to have some cool photos of ourselves and our partners. Even if it's just to make Grandma's photo wall happy this year. However, not everyone is always stoked to get photographed. Why would you want to pose for a photographer you don't know? You'll be put on the spot and stage a ''perfect'' time. Let me tell you, those days are luckily behind us. Look at photo sessions nowadays more like documented good times.

Hang out with your favourite people, do what you'd normally do to have a good time and share this moment with your photographer who will capture your true times.

Smoke your ciggy, eat your favourite fruit and we'll have a good time no matter what. As a photographer it is my job to make you feel comfortable and I will do so by playing some music, provide beers and hang out with you.

My aim is for you to recognise yourself, your personality and your clan when you look back at the photos. So the result could be fun and outgoing photos mixed with more serene moments.

For this photoshoot I wanted to capture Matt + Kim in their hometown Rotterdam. The first time I met them my immediate thought was: These kids are coool!! So the photoshoot should be held in a cool place. I asked if they knew a cool spot within the city and they suggested the Hofbogen. So off we went, had such a good time and they ended up showing me around the city. Best part: drinking mulled wine at the Café Kim works at!

So, no way couple-shoots are cheesy. They're a 2 hour quality date with your lover!

Keen to book a photoshoot or do you want to know more about my ''Cruising with clients'' course? Send me a message to get in touch and we're gonna make cool things happen.