3 ways to get your creative ass moving.

A struggle every creative will deal with multiple times in their life (in my case multiple times a year). And since we're in lockdown, why not try to get creative again?! I will share with you 3 ways to get your creative ass moving again.

1. Listen to your favourite music while you drink your favourite drink.

This is my go to to get inspired for new work.

Lie down on the couch, drink wine (or whatever), listen to your favourite music and close your eyes. For me images start to appear in my brain and I will write them down or try to draw them. After one evening I can have a few concepts ready to go.

Perfect example would be this photoshoot I did, inspired by Dire Straits' ''Down to the waterline''

A whole movie script came to me and I broke it down to several snaps. I wrote down what I thought was important to show that would fit the lyrics and I tried to draw what was in my brain. Resulting in this series!

Flower arrangement is made by: Villa Muze

Photography: Francine Boer

Legends: Pieter + Meike

Collage: @corinekrul

2. Watch an arthouse movie or documentary.

I'm not always in the mood for an arthouse film but I have to say, once the film is finished I'm always inspired by the images I've seen, the topics that were brought up and the stories that were told.

A few recent films I've watched and got to me were:

- Notturno

- My octopus teacher (find it on Netflix)

- Unnur (click to watch on Youtube!)

Also this interview with John Frusciante (current Red Hot Chili Peppers guitar player) in a way inspired me to think in a new way.

3. Find a new hobby you wouldn't normally do.

Pick up a hobby like pottery, quilting, drawing or maybe photography (please). It will inspire you to look at things differently, I mean, you'll trigger your brain to think in a new way!

For example: Last summer I pushed myself to draw every day for 1 hour. I had so many images in my brain I couldn't realise with photography and by drawing them I felt I finally had a way to get those feelings out. I took multiple classes through Skillshare and it helped to get creative again. My drawing skills are still quite hideous but I'm proud of them nonetheless!

Creativity will come to people in many different forms. These 3 ways work for me and I hope that within this list there will be at least 1 tip that works for you! And if so, please let me know, I'd love to see what you've created!

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