2020, my photography year in numbers

It's been an odd year, a quiet year for most of it, until I had to go back to NL to photograph some epic weddings. So for 3 months I had to work to earn my yearly income, those months were quite hectic ;)

My photography year in numbers:

11 weddings total

4 destination weddings

10 weddings moved or cancelled due to covid-19

20 couple/family photoshoots

10 business photoshoots

9 returning clients

4 workshops held

18 amazing google reviews (thanks legends)

8 rolls of film shot

16,436 photos delivered to clients

Here's a few good memories of 2020 for ya!

2020 has been a year where we had to adapt to living our lives a bit different. Lot's of lessons are being learnt. For me it was a year where I have been the happiest I've ever been and where I've also been the most frustrated, sad and had days where I didn't know myself anymore.. weird. Interesting nonetheless and 2021 will be good. We learn to adapt, look forward and we're gonna have some amazing new adventures!