2 things you should do in calm business times

Now that I'm in New Zealand business is slow. I don't have a working visum yet so most of the work I can do should be through the Netherlands. I've had slow months before and they're usually in winter when there's not too many weddings. So what do you do when you have nothing to do? Loads!

These calm periods will give you the opportunity to invest your time into your business and make it more steady so when you do get busy, you're prepared.

- Submit your work to (inter)national blogs.

A great way to make yourself known nationally and internationally is by submitting your work to blogs within your field. They're craving for new visuals and in return you might get lucky with a publishing.

Great blogs to submit your work to within the wedding industry are:

- Hello May

- Together Journal

- Junebug

I've been lucky enough to have been published by both Hello May and Together Journal and actually got clients through those publishings!

- Review your brand

When you have your own business you grow continuously. It's good to sometimes take a step back and ask yourself the following questions:

- Am I happy with the work I'm making?

- Do I still have the same target client as I did one year ago?

- Do I have new interests?

You might update your businessplan to have a clear vision and grow even more in the nearby future!


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