2 essential selection tips

You've just finished an amazing photoshoot, edited the photos and are about to deliver these photos to your client!

But which photos are you going to deliver? And how many?

You'd think, the more photos I deliver, the happier my client will be. However this is usually not the case.

Tip 1: Quality over quantity.

Your client probably prefers to receive photos which connect to happy memories and gives them a confident boost. Everyone would like the confirmation they are beautiful and have a great connection to the people they had the photoshoot with! That's why it's better to deliver 75 badass photos than 250 medium photos. Keep in mind, if they receive a ''medium'' gallery, their memory of the photoshoot will be ''medium'' as well.

A quick view of the gallery of Paul and Lenk for my workshop ''Cruising with Clients''.