2 essential selection tips

You've just finished an amazing photoshoot, edited the photos and are about to deliver these photos to your client!

But which photos are you going to deliver? And how many?

You'd think, the more photos I deliver, the happier my client will be. However this is usually not the case.

Tip 1: Quality over quantity.

Your client probably prefers to receive photos which connect to happy memories and gives them a confident boost. Everyone would like the confirmation they are beautiful and have a great connection to the people they had the photoshoot with! That's why it's better to deliver 75 badass photos than 250 medium photos. Keep in mind, if they receive a ''medium'' gallery, their memory of the photoshoot will be ''medium'' as well.

A quick view of the gallery of Paul and Lenk for my workshop ''Cruising with Clients''.

How many photos do I deliver?

Between 100 and 150 photos. Which to some of you might still sound like a lot.

I take anywhere between 600 to 900 photos per photo session. After the first selection I keep about 300 to 400 photo which I'm going to edit. After all my selections I will deliver about 130 photos depending on the photoshoot, the occasion and the amount of people.

I'm not saying I'm nailing the art of selecting, it's a job with lots of personal preferences and multiple factors. However since I've been selecting more consciously the quality of my gallery has gone way up! This often gives me a confident boost looking back at such cool photoshoots!

Tip 2: Use clear selecting software.

During my first and third selection (yes, I do about 5 selection sessions) I use a program called Photo Mechanic. This software will show your photos in an organised manner which makes selecting and deselecting quite easy. It creates a clear overview. This way I can immediately see what photos I have, which will fit well in my series and which photos might not fit or should be edited again.

An extra selection of Caro for the blog on my website.

Wil je op een gestructureerde manier je foto's kwalitatief selecteren?

In deze blog beschrijf ik mijn hele selectie proces en hoe jou dit gaat helpen bij het behouden van klanten!