Probably the most versatile trip I've ever done. 


Just airborne leaving Kathmandu behind I looked down and the first thing I saw next to the landingstrip was a crashed airplane, similar sized to the one I was sitting in. I was headed to Lukla where I would start a 5 out and back walk to check out the Himalayas and it's well known Mt. Everest. A trip which was hard to grasp. Local people make their money by carrying tourists' backpacks. They hardly, if any, make profit and do the basecamp track over and over. Twisted. You want to support them by hiring them but you don't want them to do this rough walk over and over. I choose to carry my own backpack which wasn't a biggy, I stayed at hostels and bought food on the trail.

On my first night there was a thunderstorm, a storm I never forget. It was one or two valleys away from us. It felt nice having a roof over my mead and I felt protected by the mountains around me.

The views of the walk were stunning, after a day you're starting to get the culture and the way of living in such a remote place. There were cute puppies everywhere that local people take care of. Trash was in full view as well... 

The coolest souvenir from this walk? Psychedelic honey from the Himalayan bees!

Back in Kathmandu I visited a skatepark, Skatemandu. For 50 Nepali rupees they have a clean and safe place to skate, free drinking water and a deck. These kids were so full of energy and fooling around  just what skateboarding entails. I was so impressed! They're given a chance to be social, be a kid and to not worry.

I hope the photos will speak for themselves after hearing the backstory.