How do I contribute to a better world?


Being a big fan of the outdoors it’s important to me to contribute to a healthy and environmentally friendly world for our future.


What do I do to make it more eco?


  • The prints are printed on Eco friendly bamboo paper which is made out of 90% bamboo fibres and 10% cotton. This paper is a natural white and acid- and lignin-free.

  • Your print is printed locally by a legend (Merette Kuijt) that knows her way around printing prints. This way you’re supporting not 1 but 2 local businesses. 

  • With every 5 prints sold I donate a tree with Trees for all (, this will compensate the Co2 used to get your prints delivered to your home and a little extra :)

  • All my travels I compensate through Trees for all, so even the road to my photos are eco friendly.


Any suggestions on how to contribute to a better world? Send me a message through my contact form. I’m happy to look into all new possibilities to contribute to a better world.