New Zealand clubfields

New Zealand is dominated by big skifields but besides these businesses there are also family owned and council owned clubfields. Passion projects that were made back in the days with whatever people could use to make a ski field happen. Cafe's and rentals made out of containers with fires to warm yourselves up. Skiing how they did back in the days. So that's what we've been up to, a short trip to two local NZ club fields, Ohau and Mt Dobson. We camped out in the truck by the lake and stayed in an Ohau council hut (greta lodge) we got to share with two fishermen (Nigel + Troy, legends). This is about what snowboarding and skiing could be without the luxuries we're used to having but with luxuries we didn't know we'd appreciate so much. Even though we love our big resorts, we also want to encourage people to check out these charming small resorts that make your day on the mountain that much more personal.